Jack Margeson

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My name's Jack Margeson. I'm the Executive Director of the Mason Hack Club at William Mason High School in Mason, Ohio.

Need to contact me?

e: margeson.jack@gmail.com

p: 513-615-0468

Slack: @margeson.jack

Wanna follow me?

Instagram: @margeson.jack

Twitter: @margeson_jack

LinkedIn: jack-margeson

I've been a computer programmer since birth! This is me when I was 2 years old...

... and yes, I still program! You can check out all of my projects on GitHub: @jack-margeson

In my free time, I enjoy perler beading, blacksmithing, video editing, camping, and hanging out with my friends.

I've organized multiple local hacker events such as Hack Cincinnati and Mason Hack Camp 2019.

I used to work at Kings Island as a Ride Operator for the Adventure Express and the Viking Fury...

... and now I intern at Proctor and Gamble as a computational statistician.

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